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Back to Blogging

Reasons I haven’t been book blogging:

  1. I’ve been writing more than I’ve been reading.
  2. What I have read has been online or, in an attempt to support local writers and bookstores, I’ve been buying books at FULL PRICE.
  3. I’m an unreliable narrator.

So, I’m back for now?


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I read a lot of books…

but not as many as I buy. Some might think of it has hoarding. I find it to be closer to an addiction. I can stand in aisles for hours, reading through each book jacket and summary with special care. After all, this could be the book that changes my life. This could be the book that tells me something I never knew about myself. This could be the book that keeps me up all night, because I can’t stand to put it down.

Not every book is like that. We readers search constantly for it. Most of the time, you may ask a friend for a suggestion or turn to the New York Times Best Sellers List — I like to find it myself.

I’ve always enjoyed used book stores ever since Barnes and Noble got a bit expensive as did my fines at the library for overdue books. It wasn’t until I bought We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver for only one pound (I was travelling in London) that it turned into a habit. It was one of those books. It became my favorite book. And I had never heard of it, only found it in a discount bin. I wanted every book I read to be like that.

And so I thought I’d tell you about what I’ve found so far.

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